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RFX Technologies is proud to support our nation’s men and women who have served in the armed services, and to do so with the help of the Honor Flight organization. Click below to learn more about our organization.

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RFX has been by our side in the journey of honor and remembrance for our Veterans since the Summit in February of 2018. We quickly realized that they were able to significantly reduce our workload and work hours while providing quality, clear project management, expert customer service and diplomacy.

Diane Franzese
Honor Flight Arizona

Honor Flight Arizona was among the first two or three hubs to utilize the RFX Honor Apps management system. We realized that our (then) methods of managing veterans waiting lists and Washington, D.C. trip logistics had become very inefficient in all aspects. Michael and his team provided stellar customer service as the RFX system matured and adapted to our needs.

Robert Krug
Honor Flight Arizona

Honor Flight Bluegrass worked with RFX Technologies on the initial development of Honor App. Quite simply, it has revolutionized our data collection, storage, and reporting functions!

Mike DiGiuro
Honor Flight Bluegrass

I think Honor Apps is fantastic. It is very user friendly, and the response from RFX consistently surpasses my expectations of support. The amount of time I save compared to our old spreadsheet system is incredible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HONOR APPS.

Chuck Sallee
Honor Flight of Southern Indiana

We choose to use RFX Honors Apps because our Hub is very large and we needed to be able to share information on our Missions easily. Michael and his team were able to provide set up and training for us and their support since has been outstanding!

Patricia Vincent
Twin Tiers Honor Flight

We are very pleased with the Honor Apps. It has helped us tremendously. It’s like night and day difference from using our old excel spreadsheet tracking system which we had to input everything manually. It's definitely a time saver!!

Margie Cyrus
Middle Georgia Honor Flight

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In 2015, RFX began work with Honor Flight - Bluegrass Chapter in Louisville, Kentucky to design and build a software program that would save them hundreds of hours planning, and organizing a mission flight to Washington to honor our nation’s veterans. The result is a software application that can help any chapter create, plan, and organize a successful mission trip, as well as track veterans, guardians, and volunteers who work with your chapter.

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We built this to help you with the Honor Flight Mission - To transport America’s Veterans to Washington, DC to visit those memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends.